Making a Difference.

Congratulations to Sabina Tsytkin-Kirschenzweig, the newest recipient of the A. Sidney Katz Student Scholarship at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sabina is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Bio-engineering. Her research is testing novel possible drugs that will hopefully target and treat key symptoms of diabetes in various tissues. The data she hopes to collect will allow her team to piece yet another bit of the complex puzzle of diabetes, its underlying mechanisms and means of battling its devastating effects, thereby improving the lives of millions.

As you may recall, Advitam IP and the Katz family established this scholarship in memory of A. Sidney Katz, who was a highly respected intellectual property attorney, father, mentor, and friend to so many. He co-founded the law firm of Welsh & Katz and was a major influence in the practice of intellectual property law for five decades. Sid was passionate about education, Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He would be overjoyed to know that Sabina is this year’s recipient.

Congrats Sabina!