Michele Katz Leads Advitam IP Team Effort in Win at TTAB

Advitam IP, Attorneys at Law

Advitam IP, under the direction of Michele Katz, successfully opposed a Chinese applicant’s infringing marks at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). This case wound its way through an intense and highly charged trial at the TTAB level that required more than four years to conclude (the latter 2 years on Advitam IP’s watch). Nonetheless, at its conclusion, Advitam IP had successfully argued its client’s case, a prominent Italian business that manufactures industrial products for use with stone and other materials, and the Board ruled in its favor. Now, the applicant cannot register its three infringing marks. More importantly, Advitam IP now can use this ruling to eliminate infringements in the U.S. and keep the applicant’s products out of U.S. markets.