Check out Dr. Robert Rodriguez’s new book next month!

Employee Resource Group Excellence book

We are pleased to announce our valued client’s new book “Employee Resource Group Excellence” launching next month on October 19, 2021! Dr. Robert Rodriguez, founder and president of DRR Advisors LLC, specializes in enterprise diversity strategy planning, employee resource group optimization, and Latino talent management programs. Dr. Rodriguez, being a well sought out leader by over 100 firms, made the Top 100 Most Influential Latinos in Corporate America in Hispanic Business Magazine. His new book Employee Resource Group Excellencetouches on growing high performing employee-led organizations to expand their workplace by inclusion initiatives. The data presented is being drawn from almost 200 corporations, through firsthand experience, and years of extensive analysis and implementation. Furthermore, Robert is certainly not the type to keep information to himself, as he shares his knowledge with multiple industries. With a vast number of resources available, Dr. Rodriguez continues to help a magnitude of companies.

Advitam IP is proud to support DRR Advisors LLC and its mission to help companies build more Latino leaders, and to create the conditions that nurture the success of their employee resource groups. Representing DRR Advisors for over 10 years has been a true honor, not only protecting its IP needs, but witnessing the growth of this diversity consulting firm.

Visit the company’s website for more valuable information on its work.