Sandeep Gupta of Novo Advisors Speaking at ACG Chicago Panel

Sandeep Gupta of Novo Advisors Speaking at M&A in an Uncertain Market panel discussion by ACG Chicago

Advitam IP is thrilled to congratulate Novo Advisors on the recognition of their very own Sandeep Gupta. Novo Advisors, one of our long-time clients. has been a leader in providing innovative solutions in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic advisory services for over a decade.

Richard Gurak, the founder of Advitam IP, has been working with Novo Advisors for over ten years. He has been instrumental in representing Novo Advisors nationally and developing their brand identity. Working closely with DoubleTake Design, Richard and his team helped to create Novo Advisors’ branding protection and identity, which has been a critical component of their success.

Recently, Sandeep Gupta, Managing Partner of Novo Advisors, was invited to speak at ACG Chicago’s event on “M&A in an Uncertain Market” on April 26, 2023. The invitation recognizes Sandeep’s expertise in corporate finance and M&A, which has been instrumental in his success and the success of Novo Advisors over the years. This recognition is a proud moment for Novo Advisors and Advitam IP, and it showcases the expertise and leadership that Novo Advisors and its team members bring to the industry. Register for the event here.

The invitation for Sandeep Gupta to speak at ACG Chicago’s event is especially significant given the current economic climate. The ACG Chicago event hosts a panel of top-performing middle-market deal professionals aiming to discuss their views on the current investment landscape. The panel revolves around identifying potential opportunities and risks for businesses in the present economic climate. Mr. Gupta, alongside other renowned experts, will share their insights into the changing dynamics of the market and highlight the challenges that businesses face in pursuing mergers and acquisitions in an uncertain market.

Advitam IP is proud to work with clients like Novo Advisors, who are leaders in their field. Their team of experts has been instrumental in their success, and their ability to adapt to the rapidly changing economic landscape has helped them stay ahead of the competition. As a result, they have been able to expand their reach and provide their services to clients across the country. Their national expansion is a reflection of their tireless efforts to provide innovative solutions to their clients and their dedication to excellence.

Advitam IP once more congratulates Sandeep Gupta and the entire team at Novo Advisors on their latest achievement and we look forward to their continued success.