Co-Founder, Michele Katz, featured and published in Women’s IP World Annual 2021 Magazine

Michele Katz featured and published in Women’s IP World Annual 2021 Magazine

Featured among highly regarded women in the IP field, Michele Katz was included in the Women’s IP World Annual 2021 magazine. This publication includes an article summarizing her background in intellectual property and her recent accolades, and a personal self-written contribution about her recently established foundation called the Plus One Adoption Foundation.

Michele writes in this article about her own family’s journey with adoption and recognizes a common misconception about adoption— that it is for people who “need” to adopt to build their families, but that is not the case. Plus One℠ services are dedicated to connecting families with resources to educate them about adoption processes, changing the mindset about adoption from a last resort to a choice any family can make, and supporting adopting families financially with adoption-related expenses, particularly those incurred post placement. Follow the Foundation on Instagram @plusoneadoption.

Michele is also honored to host the monthly podcast for The Women’s IP World Annual magazine. Follow the magazine on Instagram @womensip and read the full publication of Women’s IP World Annual 2021 Magazine here