Introducing, FlagGuard™ — keeping children safe & seen in the water

Introducing, FlagGuard — keeping children safe & seen in the water

Richard Gurak, Advitam IP founder, is pleased to announce Erin McLaughlin’s new FlagGuard™ product for life vests to provide enhanced safety! Richard and the team at Advitam IP have carefully curated the startup IP launch strategy for Erin, CEO & Founder of US Patented FlagGuard. Advitam IP is honored to be a part of Erin’s new and innovative two-part design that increases a child’s visibility in the water. Erin was inspired to create FlagGuard when an oncoming boat nearly hit her daughter. After the potentially life-threatening situation, she designed a product that gives peace of mind to families everywhere.

FlagGuard™ infographic about boating accidents per year

With over 4,000 boating accidents a year in the United States that result in an average of ~2,600 injuries and more than 600 deaths each year – there is a clear need for an increase in safety and security. This top-of-the-line product is sure to increase the safety of children and provide a sense of security to parents and guardians. FlagGuard is a must-have for anyone that plans to go out to the water. It is easy to use and simply attaches to most existing life jackets. Once attached, FlagGuard uses water force to automatically lift and lower the buoyant flag when children get in and out of the water.

Advitam IP is very proud to support Erin McLaughlin’s FlagGuard product launch and its mission to keep water activities safe and fun for all families!