Launching Chicago’s Security Innovation Hub by PSS

Security Innovation Hub

Advitam IP is excited to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of Mike Saltijeral and his team at Perimeter Security Solutions / Industrial Fence Inc. (IFI/PSS). Mike and his team have made their dreams into reality as they finalize the highly anticipated Security Innovation Hub, set to launch in early 2023. Mike Saltijeral is a decorated United States Marine who received high expeditionary and commendation medals for his service with the U.S.M.C. in Panama (Just Cause) and the first Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm). After leaving the military, Mike took his accomplishments and passion for protecting the Nation and applied them to building American-made Security barricades that set a new standard for Perimeter Security. Knowing that the new era of threats facing the nation would continue to evolve, Mike put his heart and mind into the Security Innovation Hub to help secure America through innovation. While developing the Security Innovation Hub, Mike was assisted by Essam Choudhary, a brilliant and inventive leader with over 14 years of experience of directing sustainable growth and implementing strategic operational initiatives that propel companies to their full growth potential. Mike and his team have created a long-term and innovative security solution that will continue to grow and evolve for many years to come.

Throughout the entire collaborative process, Richard J. Gurak, Founding Partner at Advitam IP, has worked closely alongside Mike and his team to advise on the intellectual property rights of the new Security Innovation Hub. Richard has been extensively involved in the development of the IP portfolio and strategy for Perimeter Security Solutions (PSS) and Industrial Fence Inc (IFI). Richard’s assistance has resulted in PSS securing several patents on its barrier systems, alongside multiple trademarks for its work. Richard and the Advitam IP team continually analyze the needs and carefully curate their IP approach in order to maximize the potential of PSS/IFI’s IP portfolio and innovative growth. 

The PSS Security Innovation Hub brings together the world of physical security through labs, industry collaboration, research, and an accelerator for future tech. It secures America’s most critical assets through purposeful development and standardization. Set in the heart of Chicago’s West Side, this 8,000 sq. ft. center is helping revitalize the city’s historic West Side as well as bringing together the world’s physical security experts to tackle the dynamic challenges of tomorrow. 

The Security Innovation Hub has already shown a lot of promise and success. Support for the innovation hub has come from all around, including local alderwoman, Monique Scott, Congressman Danny Davis, and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi. Likewise, Advitam IP is very proud to support the future of PSS/IFI and the continued development of the Security Innovation Hub.  

Congratulations to Mike and the team for this monumental success!