UIC Law Welcomes Yolanda King to Faculty

UIC Law Welcomes Yolanda King to Faculty

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional achievements of Yolanda M. King, our esteemed counsel at Advitam IP. Yolanda was recently welcomed to assume the role of Director of the Center for Intellectual Property, Information, and Privacy Law, as well as a professorship in copyright law and property at UIC Law. Her remarkable journey, marked by dedication and expertise, has positioned her as a trailblazer in the field of intellectual property law.

A Harvard Law School alumna, Yolanda brings unparalleled knowledge and dedication to both the legal community and our firm. Her extensive experience, gained through years of practice at prestigious firms and as an Associate Dean at NIU, has prepared her for this new leadership position.

At UIC Law, Yolanda has already made significant contributions. Last semester, she organized the 67th Annual Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law Conference, showcasing her commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the legal community. The conference provided a unique opportunity for professionals to engage with newsmakers and influencers, discussing the most exciting and important developments in the intellectual property field.

As a professor at UIC Law, Yolanda is guiding students through the intricacies of Property Law this semester, expanding her base of knowledge after teaching U.S. Copyright Law last semester. Her dedication to education further highlights her commitment to shaping the next generation of legal minds.

Yolanda’s appointment as Director and Professor is not only a testament to her achievements but also reflects our pride at Advitam IP in having her as a valuable member of our team. Her active involvement in intellectual property associations underlines her commitment to advancing the field and contributing to the legal community.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Yolanda on this incredible accomplishment. We look forward to witnessing her continued success and the positive impact she will undoubtedly make in shaping the future of intellectual property law.

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