Sandeep Gupta of Novo Advisors Speaking at ACG Chicago Panel

Advitam IP is thrilled to congratulate Novo Advisors on the recognition of their very own Sandeep Gupta. Novo Advisors, one of our long-time clients. has been a leader in providing innovative solutions in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic advisory services for over a decade. Read More

Launching Chicago’s Security Innovation Hub by PSS

Advitam IP is excited to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of Mike Saltijeral and his team at Perimeter Security Solutions / Industrial Fence Inc. (IFI/PSS). Mike and his team have made their dreams into reality as they finalize the highly anticipated Security Innovation Hub, set to launch in early 2023. Read More

Introducing, FlagGuard™ — keeping children safe & seen in the water

Richard Gurak, Advitam IP founder, is pleased to announce Erin McLaughlin’s new FlagGuard™ product for life vests to provide enhanced safety! Richard and the team at Advitam IP have carefully curated the startup IP launch strategy for Erin, CEO & Founder of US Patented FlagGuard. Read More

Check out Dr. Robert Rodriguez’s new book next month!

We are pleased to announce our valued client’s new book “Employee Resource Group Excellence” launching next month on October 19, 2021! Dr. Robert Rodriguez, founder and president of DRR Advisors LLC, specializes in enterprise diversity strategy planning, employee resource group optimization, and Latino talent management programs. Read More